The Laurens County Development Corporation (LCDC) is the lead economic marketing and business retention organization for the county and actively partners with the SC Upstate Alliance to market Laurens County business sites to a worldwide audience.  On the local level, the Development Corporation promotes local business expansion, retail and commercial development, and industrial recruitment.    

        Laurens County Chamber of Commerce completed a strategic plan for their organization which covers a wide variety of areas including downtown development, tourism, residential, and commercial development.  For the purposes of this element, the Laurens County Planning Commission has decided to reference the strategic plan and add some goals created by the Commission to the overall element.

       In relation to the overall economic environment of the area, “The County Profile indicates that while our per capita income is roughly equivalent to others in the region, our percentage of people without a high school diploma is high.  Yet, according to the Education Profile, our expenditures per pupil are well below average.  The Miscellaneous Statistics chart indicates low-cost housing and a fairly low crime rate.  Agricultural Statistics indicate that Laurens County is a strong agricultural county.  Our retail sales per capita are low, which means either we don’t buy things, or we don’t shop Laurens County.  Employment by Industry data indicates growth opportunity (need) in construction, transportation, financial services, wholesale and retail sales; our dependence on government and manufacturing employment may be cause for concern.  Capital Investment is about average in the region.  Unemployment is high and climbing which means we have available work force.”


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